Natural Laws—

Operations Management and the Ethics of Quality Management

General Topic Outline:


            Making Quality Decisions

                                Decision models: risk avoidance vs. risk management                              

                                Decision trees and value of information

                                Joint events-reliability and redundancy                                                        

                                Game theory, the cooperation dilemma                                                        

                                The Evolution of Cooperation

            Quality Management & the Management of Quality

                                Business ethics, the Natural Law and Operations Management

                                TQM-Statistical Process Control, Control Charts in EXCEL

                                6-Sigma and Lean Operations                                                          

            Facilities /Capacity and Location Planning:

                                Capacity & Cost Structures                                                                               

                                "Location" Break even Analysis                                                                       

                                Spreadsheet Budgeting                                                                                      

            Optimization models

                                Linear Optimization Models Geometric with POM-Win                           

                                Computer Solutions using Excel Solver                                                        

                                Transportation Model--Greedy solutions and opportunity cost

                                EXCEL Solver solution of the Transportation Model

                                Job Matching -Assignment Method-Excel Solver                                         

            Microscheduling/ job sequencing:

                                Sequencing and priority rules

                                Queuing: Infinite Source (POM-Win)                                                             

                                Simulation modeling                                                                                        

                                Process Priority Rules-Excel                                                                             

            Scheduling & Inventory Management

                                Aggregate Planning - scheduling                                                    

                                EOQ Model & --Economic Run Size (ERS)                                     

                                Quantity discountsService Level, Safety Stock, Reorder Point. 

                                Make vs. Buy & Just in Time Philosophy  (Lean Operations)    

            Project management, CPM & PERT                                               

            Learning Curves & Efficiency

                                Continuous Improvement and Quantum Leaps


                 Natural Law, Business Ethics, Good Decisions & Effective Management

                             Pragmatic Ethics and living--A Holistic View.


Addenda:  specific software

Active Models and Simulations

Robert J Banis, PhD     St. Louis Missouri       

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